English language is one of language which is necessary for human life in this world. We can not deny that almost all of countries use English language to communicate with the other people. English is used in many parts of the world because at least a few people in community know the language. Ladies and gentlement we need to know that by knowing and being able to use English, it will make our life easier to survive, because we know that almost all of the things in this world always have relevance with English. We will not be able to do such thing, if we are not able to use English. For instance, nowadays almost all kinds of occupation use English as main requirement, so if we cannot use English, we will not find a job in this life. As the result, English is really importance for human life. On the other side, Sometime, between one place and other have different accent when they speak English, it is not a problem as long as it understandable. However, the important thing that we can communicate with the other by using English though that we cannot pay attention more in structure or grammar. If we meet with foreigner, it will be better for us to use English because we cannot speak their native language especially for those who English is a foreign in their country. English connects us with foreigner since it is world language and most people learn it.


1.    Easier to communicate with anyone in the different country

2.    Make us confident

3.    Increase career

4.    Get higher position than employers who do not have it.


1.    Handling Telephone

2.    Email

3.    Correspondece

4.    Aranging the meeting

5.    Receive guest

6.    Producing presentation the role of the secretary :

a.    As on executive

b.  As a leader

c.   As on assistant

d.  As a manger


  • Handout, flashdisk, certificate, training kit, Souvenir, 1X lunch and 2X coffee break,Qualified instructor, transportation during the program.


PT. Serasan Cipta Abadi

Jalan Wijoyo Mulyo Pesona Gelagah Mas B12 Tamanan Bantul Yogyakarta

Telephone    : 0812-2726-4889

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