contrak engeenier

contract engineer


This course has been designed to provide a more nourished treatment on the subject of project procurement management delivered by one the leading icons in the field of project management and procurement  contract management. The insights, best practices and techniques you will learn in this workshop can be applied and practiced in projects. Often failures to projects are caused by lack of adequate Project Procurement Standards and Frameworks within organizations. Therefore the workshop has been designed to assist professional and practitioners who would like to develop their abilities and insight in the field of Project Procurement and Contract Management best practices. How can project procurement and contract management influence and facilitate effective project management?


This workshop will benefit those in Industry and government who have to manage the contracts in the field and whose job it is to prepare the contract documents. This would include field engineers contract administrators, construction managers,project engineers, superintendents, procurement, and site personal interfacing with contractors.


  1. Introduction
  2. The scope, schedule, budget,resources relationship for projects
  3. Project delivery systems and contract management
  4. Contract field engineer typical interfaces
  5. Ethics when dealing with contractrors
  6. Why ethics are important  to the contract field engineer
  7. Ethical issues to be aware of
  8. Unlawful activity
  9. The importance of appearances: Exercise CS 202 the case of the revised technical specification
  10. What is a contract
  11. Define a contract
  12. Know the purpose of a contract
  13. Know the basic requirements for a contract
  14. The Contract package
  15. General conditions of Contract
  16. Special conditions of contract
  17. Pricing & proposal Information
  18. Techanical specifications
  19. Drawings and amendments
  20. Relationships with contractors
  21. Responsibility and authority
  22. Proper attitude
  23. Proper relations
  24. Basis of contract administration
  25. Knowing the questions to constantly ask
  26. Knowing the basics of contract administration
  27. Change orders and field work orders
  28. Back charges
  29. Turnover sequence chart
  30. Reading the contract
  31. Common causes of claims
  32. Bid process
  33. Bid Evaluation
  34. Documentation
  35. Reports
  36. Interface coordination and project completion
  37. Case study


Aktivitas kelas yang aktif (Komunikasi dua arah),  praktek langsung dan peserta diharapkan membawa leptop


  • Handout, flashdisk, certificate, training kit, Souvenir, 1X lunch and 2X coffee break,Qualified instructor, transportation during the program.


PT. Serasan Cipta Abadi

Jalan Wijoyo Mulyo Pesona Gelagah Mas B12 Tamanan Bantul Yogyakarta

Telp                : (0274) 2813302

Mobile           : 0812-2726-4889

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