This course covers AC/DC electrical motor drives for speed/position control.  It presents an integrated discussion of AC/DC electric motor, power electronics, and control systems. Applications of electric drives can be found in industries, electric transportation, robotics, process control and energy conservation. This course gives a thorough understanding of AC/DC electrical motor’s working, control , protection, maintenance, failure modes and the tools to maintain and troubleshoot AC/DC electrical motors drives. The course focuses on the dc and ac motor from solid state converters for better torque and speed response. Advanced control techniques are applied to optimize the performance of dc/ac motor drives. Since majority of modern drives are dc/ac motor drives, the course centers around the control of dc/ac motor drives.  Participant will gain a fundamental understanding of the  AC/DC electrical motor drives, installation, operation and troubleshooting. Participant will gain valuable insight into the selection of the protection necessary to ensure your motors are protected against fault conditions, so as to ensure reliability and long life.  Finally, control aspects of some special motors, such as permanent magnet synchronous motor, brushless dc motor, switched reluctance motor, etc. Computer simulations are used for understanding AC/DC electric motor, power-electronics based converters and the design of control systems.


  1. Identify regenerative and noregenerative DC drives
  2. Identify voltage source and current source inverters
  3. Understand and identify pulse width modulated inverters
  4. identify vector control drives


Direct current drive

  1. regenerative drives
  2. nonregenerative drives

Alternating current drives – part 1

  1. AC drive basics
  2. Voltage source and current source inverters
  3. pulse width modulation

Alternating current drives – part 2

  1. pulse width modulation with IGBT
  2. vector control basics


simulate AC and DC motor drive in software



Handout, flashdisk, certificate, training kit, Souvenir, 1X lunch and 2X coffee break,Qualified instructor, transportation during the program.


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